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To be eligible for the Reissue rate...
  • The parcel of land being insured must be covered by a previous Owner's policy, issued by any company.
  • The buyer or their representative must deliver to the Company, at or prior to the closing of the transaction, a copy of the previous Owner's policy.


To be eligible for the Refinance rate... The same owner of real property must substitute a new first lien mortgage on real property currently encumbered by a mortgage.


Please contact us directly for policies over $1,000,000 - thank you.

Calculator Results
Title Charges Amount
Closing Service, Search & Exam Fee $800.00
Taxes and Government Fees
Government Recording Fee
($46.00 per document) Based on 2 abstract documents

Disclaimer: The rate calculator on our website includes those charges applied in a typical transaction. If the details of your transaction are different from those you selected to make the rate calculation, then the actual rate you are charged may be different also. Title insurance premium quotes are based upon the rates which are in effect as of the day of the quote. Any changes to the approved rates between the date of this quote and the closing date may result in a change in the premium(s) charged. Under certain circumstances, you may qualify for a lower rate than the one shown here. For endorsement-only transactions or the addition of a specific endorsement, you will need to contact us directly